• +What is the best way for me to pay?

    We accept a variety of payments methods ranging form Online Payment, Mail in check / money order or over the telephone with our payment processing division by calling 1-800-651-9637. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please make all checks payable to Williamson and Brown LLC. Send to PO BOX 64, Hamburg NY 14075. Please include your file number if applicable.

  • +After I make a payment, how soon are the credit bureaus notified?

    We send updated information to the credit bureaus on a daily basis. However, this is generally determined by the credit grantor’s reporting cycle which is typically every 30 days.

  • +If I cannot afford the full amount of the debt, can I set up a payment plan?

    Of course. If you are unable to pay in full at this time, please let us know why and we can establish a suitable payment arrangement.

  • +Why should I pay my debt?

    Paying off debt shows that you are a responsible borrower. You should never leave a debt unpaid as it will drastically affect your credit score making it difficult for credit approval in the future.

  • +Why do you need to verify my personal information?

    We do this to protect you and the confidential information in your account. We also use your personal information to verify that we are communicating with the correct person.